Install fails on packer because of missing grub package

When I attempt to install the latest Rocky it fails with :

Failed to download the following packages : Cannot download
Packages/grub2-common-2.02-99.el8.noarch.rpm: All mirrors were tried

I use as source iso_url then for network install (I checked, the package is available at path).

Do I miss something obvious ?

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Same here using minimal or boot image (for me the package not found is grub2-efi).
Try with the DVD image, it works like a charm.


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About the failing package, it’s random : sometimes it’s the grub2-common, other times it’s the grub2-efi.
I’ll try the dvd install, the weird thing is that I’ve been able to build rocky 2 or 3 days ago using the boot image & net install… then it started to fail, not sure what changed in the mean time.

I see the grub packages have been updated on July 18th, maybe a mirror lags behind (I’m not sure how the mirror resolution works in order to check) ?

EDIT : actually, hardcoding the mirror :

url --url=

(I’m in France) fixed the problem (using the “generic” boot iso)

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