Insights Option?

Hello, While I was waiting for RockyLinux to come out. I was playing with the free Red Hat Licenses that they announced.

I noticed their Insights feature where you can get a nice all in one view of all machines. I’m wondering if there is something like that, that I can run on my own server for Rocky?


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Red Hat Insights is SaaS which means your servers just connect as client’s to their Insight platform to report the results. If Red Hat haven’t released that for anyone to run themselves, then it won’t be possible, unless there is some other kind of alternative.

You could install Cockpit on one server, and then use this to manage all your other servers. It is possible to do that. It’s not the same as Insights, but maybe better than nothing. I don’t know of any other alternatives for what Insights does.

You may wish to take a look at this reddit post:

Netdata is also pretty good.

Thanks for the reply, I kinda figured it was SaaS, perhaps with an open source option like Ovirt is for their RHEVM.

I’ll for sure check out your suggestions. Thanks agian

Ovirt uses cockpit for managing vm’s etc.

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