Increasing vmdisk capacity while configured to use LVM

Hi, Everyone.

I have setup a lab vmguest with 3 vmdisk. I have configured “/” to live in a single vmdisk and configured 2 vmdisk to be in lvm. In this lvm, I have placed “/var”, if I want to increase the capacity of 1 or both vmdisk in lvm how do I properly execute that?

What I try is:
sudo pvresize /dev/xvdb1 --setphysicalvolumesize 35G

and I get this message:

WARNING: Device /dev/xvda3 has size of 58212352 sectors which is smaller than corresponding PV size of 73398272 sectors. Was device resized?

WARNING: One or more devices used as PVs in VG vg-01 have changed sizes.

Clarify the wording a bit. So “capacity of vmdisk”, sounds like increase the size of the “disk”, without caring about partition sizes or filesystems; the lvm is in the vmdisk.

In addtion, the command and the error message are showing two different devices, maybe a volume group is spanning both, who knows…

To get clear info, try these as root: