IdM/IPA instance registration for cloud instances

hi, i notices that it seems you are going to use AWS for hosting Rocky Linux infrastructure.

a while back i created a tool to automatically register cloud instances in IdM/IPA.

it is capable of creating PTR/A records, and automatically assign uniq FQDN names based on a so called DNS indicator, which is a tag on the instance.

it mainly consists of 4 parts:

lambda function: watches ec2 lifecycle events, and acts on instance creation/termination

API: a RESTful api that is called by the lambda function to create/delete DNS A/PTR records, as well as IdM/IPA host entries

Foreman Smart Proxy: used by the rest api as an abstraction for different DNS/IdM providers.

registration script: a script that is called via userdata, to fetch information required to rollout an instance, like the designated FQDN fot this instance, als well as the IdM/IPA OTP.

might come in handy, in case you plan on registering ec2 instances to IdM/IPA

here is the link:

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Hey @schlitzered!

Thanks for sharing this! Seriously, I’m going to give CatWeazle some of my own time to look into, because this is a challenge I face in other areas, and I know I’m not alone. I know right now the infrastructure team is centralizing on configuration management tooling which can certainly be made to do this task, but the *nix spirit is also about discrete tools and the more tools to choose from, the better.

I’m tagging @neil here so he sees, he’s the infrastructure manager.

@jeffrey-a let me know if you have any question, i am happy to help