How update to a specific version

Hi all,

Is it possible and how to update Rocky to a specific version pls?
Specifically, I need to upgrade to 8.6, but v.8.7 is the only available target version:

`[root@xxx ~]# dnf --showduplicates list rocky-release
Last metadata expiration check: 0:00:12 ago on Fri 05 May 2023 09:34:43 AM CEST.
Installed Packages
rocky-release.noarch                                                                                          8.5-1.el8                                                                                             @anaconda
Available Packages
rocky-release.noarch                                                                                          8.7-1.2.el8                                                                                           baseos
[root@xxxx ~]#`

Many thanks

Sure, it’s possible. You would need to point your repos to the vault. However we don’t recommend this as 8.6 is not updated.

Please see our wiki for more information.

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