How to install rstatd

I’d need to run rstatd on my Rocky 8.7 server.
I searched for any package providing rstatd using yum whatprovides but I didn’t find any package.
Is there any package which provides rstatd?


There doesn’t seem to be an rstatd package for EL distros - only shows it for Debian and Ubuntu. You could request if EPEL would create it and maintain it though.

The el7 had package rusers-server that did provide rstatd and rusersd.
CERN labels that package as “Legacy UNIX Compatibility”.

Rather than asking “how to install” one should probably ask:
“How to implement equivalent functionality?”

The rstatd seems to be about reading some numbers from remote machines. There must be alternative “modern” methods to get the interesting numbers.

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Thanks for your answers.
I understand it’s a legacy package, but the reason for asking how to install is because rstatd is a prerequisite of a product I installed on my Rocky Linux server.

Ahh, the “warm” feelings we have for proprietary legacy software …

Take the src.rpm of the CentOS 7’s rusers-server and test whether you can rebuild it for Rocky (preferably with mock, but rpmbuild should have same chance to succeed).

There are no alternatives for that “product”?