How to install php8.1.6 on rocky 9.2

Hi all, Is it possible to install php 8.1.6 on rocky 9.2? Currently, the default 8.1 extension is php 8.1.19. If possible, please guide me

There shouldn’t really be any major differences between 8.1.6 and 8.1.19. What is the reason you want 8.1.6 for? Generally any breaking changes with PHP happen at the point release, for example moving from 7.0 to 7.3 there were some potential issues.

But maybe you can explain more in what you are trying to achieve?

Indeed there is no reason to install old 8.1.6 when the newer version provides security fixes.


  • official stream php:8.1 provides 8.1.14 (in 9.2, was 8.1.8 in 9.1)
  • alternative stream php:remi-8.1 provides the latest (so 8.1.19)

Thank you very much @remi @iwalker. My issue is resolved after updating php 8.2.6 on rocky9.2

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That is interesting. One would expect less issues from 8.1.6 → 8.1.19 than from 8.1.* → 8.2.*