How to find $tck_libPath

Dear Sir/Madam.

Here, I need to install togl2 or link to tcl_lib.

Tcl/Tk could be install on Rocky Linux through dnf install. But after dnf install tk and tcl, I could not find the tcl path. Could you help me

Follows are the README file of togl

README.txt: Togl

This is a Togl 2.X binary distribution for both users and developers.
It is specific to a particular operating system (e.g., Windows, Mac
OS X, Linux, etc.).  Since the C ABI should be same for all compilers
on the same system, using Togl via the Tcl interface should work
regardless of which compiler Tcl was compiled with.

The files are named:


For example, TOGL_VERSION=2.0, TCL_VERSION=8.4, OS=Linux,
and SUFFIX=.tar.gz gives:


Togl is also available at:

You can get any release of Togl from the file distributions
link at the above URL.

A copy of the online documentation is in the doc directory.

For users:

Only the lib/Togl2.X directory (and its contents) need to be installed
in your Tcl library.  Execute the following Tcl script to find the
directories Tcl looks for packages in:

puts $tcl_libPath

and then copy the lib/Togl2.X directory into one of those directories.

For developers:

The lib/Togl2.X directory (and its contents) is all that needs to be
redistributed in your application distribution.

If you wish to link with Togl, then you will need the include files
and a link library for your compiler.  The compilers used are (OS-

MacOSX: gcc 4.0.1, Mac OS X 10.4, ppc/i386
Linux: gcc 3.3.6, Red Hat 7.1, i386
Linux64: gcc 4.2.3 -Wl,--hash-style=both, Red Hat Server 5.1, x86_64
Windows: Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003, Windows XP SP2, i386

File hierarchy:

README.txt		this file
    bin/                    unused (empty)
        Togl2.X/		Tcl package (place on Tcl's autopath)
	LICENSE		redistribution license
            pkgIndex.tcl	Tcl package index
            Togl2X.dll	Windows Tcl package binary
        Toglstub2X.a	Windows gcc/mingw link library
        Toglstub2X.lib	Windows Visual Studio link library
    libToglstub2X.a	UNIX (Linux, IRIX, etc.) link library
    togl.h		Main header file, includes others
    toglDecls.h		API function declarations
    togl_ws.h		Which windowing system togl was compiled with
doc/			Documentation
    *.html		Start with index.html

The contents of the include and lib directories can be placed verbatim
in the Tcl installataion hierachy.

Documentation is in the doc directory. Start with doc/index.html in
your web browser.