How to Download a fresh copy of Rocky-8-XFCE.ks

Hi Nazunalika:

I’ve just tried the subject download with the usual access method:

Instead of being ready to download after the above command, I was
prompted to register with Rocky Linux Account Services. The associated
messages also stated that membership is required in the Rocky Linux
gitusers group, but there is no mechanism described on how to request
the membership.

I wanted a fresh copy of the kickstart which would have some changes
for Rocky 8.8 compared to the Rocky 8.7 version.

Please advise.

Kickstarts are no longer available on They’ll only be at these locations:

With that said, the only changes you’re going to find is that the url line changed. It’s not significant of a change. It is rare that the live kickstarts change.

Hi Ritov, nazunalika:

Thank you for the information.
Len E