How does Rocky Linux build cloud images?

I’m interested in building custom images of Rocky 8 and 9, similar to the cloud image which is already distributed but compliant to our SCAP profile and with extra packages by default. There is a procedure detailed in the RHEL documentation, but this requires using osbuild which as of now doesn’t seem to be compatible with Rocky Linux. How are the official images built? Is this something which could be adapted to a more custom use-case?

The osbuild provided by rocky linux is patched to work with our distribution. Upstream does not currently support it, as you have found out.

Our cloud images are made by our toolkit empanadas. These procedures are specific to our environment and may require some tweaking to work for you. The script called is this one here, which as far as I know, involves imagefactory. Otherwise you may need to dig through and find what you need. @neil can probably get into deeper details.

All of our kickstarts are here.

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I built a minimal image inside virtualbox which I then uploaded into AWS. Perhaps not the cloud you are after however. From there built the AMI up as needed. X86 hardware is easy, ARM is less so but there is a process at least.

Thank you! I’ll take a look into it. It sounds like there isn’t much documentation for this, if I do manage to figure it out where might I contribute an article?

You can contribute documentation here: GitHub - rocky-linux/documentation: Official Rocky Linux documentation repository.

I would recommend joining our Mattermost chat and joining the ~Documentation channel to communicate/collaborate with the rest of the documentation team.

As a note, I’m also POCing a move away from imagefactory (and anaconda) and instead composing images directly using dnf and diskimage-builder.