How can i hide this ./bin folder in my home?

Today i noticed a folder has been created with the name ./$HOME/bin
See image attached.
How can i hide it?
When i put a dot in front of the folder name it says it already exist.
And i do not want to erase it for it may damage the OS.
What can i do ?
Thank you for the help you can provide,


It won’t damage the OS, this is a user bin directory potentially created by something which was ran as your username. What is inside it? If empty, it’s safe to delete. If there is something in it and you don’t know what it is, then you can easily rename bin to bin.old or something and see if something stops working that you were using previously.

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echo bin >> .hidden

Is that .hidden a feature of (some) GUI file manager applications?
The ls does apparently have a --hide=PATTERN option and one could adjust the aliases for ls to have than (but that might lead to inconveniences).

The image has “419 items” in size column, so probably not empty – far from it.
The ~/bin is not created by default (from skel or by desktop).

Why don’t you want to see what you have?

Good morning, is it a directory or a link? Are you able to right click and open a terminal there? if so type ls -l

See if the first letter that shows up on the line of “bin” starts with an l or with a d, if it starts with an l it is a link and it should show where is it linking to. You could rename it no problem.

While you are at it you could also do ls -la to see if there’s a .bin already there, which is most likely the reason you are not able to create it. If the files are the same in bin and .bin (diff bin/ .bin/) you can merge the contents

hi @alexia, good day

i did what you said, and in deed the folder is filled with a bunch of links
When i execute to see the difference between the already existing bin folder and this one, it shows just a few python files.

So i just moved it inside the download folder temporarily to see if anything
I’ll errase it in a couple weeks if nothing crashes in the mean time.

That was also the sugestion from @iwalker since the begging.
For the time being, i’ll do that and observe what happens.

Thank you all for your support

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Glad it worked! Keep us posted if you run into issues.

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