Here it is! April merch giveaway contest

Show us your workspace! That’s the game, we want pics. Example is from a community member, Corwin, shared at our community meeting last night.

This contest spotlights one of our merch stores,, and one of our socials, mastodon.

All the details are in this post on fosstodon, and we’d love to see entries from everyone! When more play, more will win. You have until April 30. Go!

I’m not a mastodon user, so hopefully this twitter post suffices!

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Thanks for sharing it there! I just tweeted you, forgetting you commented here. The game is to grow that social account. But the twitter post certainly counts as a bonus entry if you get over and post it on fosstodon too!

We’d love to see your workspace! This contest runs until the end of April, so come on over to fosstodon and show us what you got.

pic from my mac photo booth

and yes …
this is my real workspace

Lol. Love it. You can post this on the contest as well! We are inclusive of any setup whether or not it is running RL, and whether or not it has a keyboard and monitor. Only requirements are to post on mastodon, tag, and use #rockystation.