Having issues setting up air gapped repository

Little background and limiting requirements.

  • I manage several air-gapped networks which require sneaker netting any files to the network. This includes updates. Please keep that in mind in the responses.
  • Because of compliance requirements, we try to minimize application use. What that means in this case is that we do not wish to introduce a web server into the environment because it adds immensely to the regulatory/administrative overhead
  • Those stated, for all our Linux OS’s we home our repositories on a file share.

Current issue
I have set up a rocky 8 server in the DMZ and have used DNF --reposync to get the repositories to this server (same method as I use on RHEL). I have brought these files to the inside with our isolation device, scanned and copied to my designated repository share, created the required directories and mounted the repository share. have the entries in my .repo file pointing to


(mount_path does not include special characters, has been used for years for other linux distros)

When I try to run a DNF update, It list the items to be updated. prompts for approval, but then returns “Empty mirrorlist and no basepath specified”

This is basically the same setup I use successfully with RHEL 8 and as was used in getting additional files from the install dvd post install. Am I missing a step here? Setting DNF for full debug, I am seeing it have util.py, line 115 and repo.py, line 499, which appear to deal with URL handling, which in turn sparks errors in several other python scripts in the system

The only reason you’d get the error you’re getting is that you have misconfigured your repo files. The default repo files use a mirror list configuration but provide a commented baseurl. Ensure that you are using baseurl and properly pointing to your internal repositories.

Here is what we have in the repo file:

name=Rocky Linux $releaseserver -BaseOS

With the exeptions of rocky specific items, this same setup works for cent7 and RHEL8. File is placed in /etc/yum.repos.d . Have made sure that all original .repo files are out of directory. As specified in the requirements, we do not host these repos from a webserver, but from an NFS share mounted in fstab. Now we do have restrictions on those mounts of
which is not an issue with other distros, so I have discounted it.

And you’ve ensured the default repo files didn’t come back? These generally come back when rocky-release and rocky-repos are updated (which can happen semi-frequently).

Yep, totally gone, only the custom repo file. Had been my first thought as RHEL is notorious for repopulating unless you kill subscription manager. Also thought about the possibility that it might be pulling from another path. Double checked dnf, yum confs just out of caution. Am in the process of getting current month’s updates transferred over, so will see if it something that did not get transfered by weeks end.