Google Meet ate my mouse


I’m running Rocky Linux 8 with KDE from EPEL on my workstation. Today a strange thing happened. All of a sudden, my mouse cursor disappeared, so I shut down by simply pushing the power button. Then a little while later the same thing happened again. Both times I was in a Google Meet session using Mozilla Firefox, so my guess is that is the root of the trouble.

Ever seen this happen ? And if so, how can this be helped ? I have a very important Google Meet session next week with a presentation, and without a mouse to do my screen presentation this will be a complete failure.



I would continue to narrow and isolate the behavior. You have 2 items already, Google Meet and Firefox. I assume you are required to use Google Meet, I would then focus on the browser.

  1. Review Firefox config for hardware acceleration options.
  2. Try a different browser?
  3. Wired or wireless mouse? Batteries drain when Google Meet is active?
  4. Does the mouse behavior occur any other time? During normal work behavior?
  5. I don’t use Google Meet, is it installed locally? Or only run in the browser?

Maybe walking through those questions will provide a hint.

I’ve had Zoom while installed locally complete crash my Windows work laptop.

Hmm, I still have no solution for this. Google Meet randomly disconnects my wireless keyboard and/or my wireless mouse. This happens both with Firefox and Chromium.

Any idea what’s going on here ? Some folks seem to have a similar problem, but there seems to be no solution on the horizon.