Gather Data Sampling vulnerability (GDS) - CVE-2022-40982

Hi everyone !
When does the patch for CVE-2022-40982 vulnerability come?
I found that it solved by RedHat

That CVE is addressed by microcode_ctl-4:20220809-2.20230808.2.el8_8.

[root@cm01 ansible]# rpm -q microcode_ctl
[root@cm01 ansible]# rpm -q microcode_ctl --changelog | head
* Tue Aug 22 2023 Eugene Syromiatnikov <> - 4:20220809-2.20230808.2
- Add support for the new, more correct, variant of dracut's default
  $fw_dir path in

* Thu Aug 10 2023 Eugene Syromiatnikov <> - 4:20220809-2.20230808.1
- Update Intel CPU microcode to microcode-20230808 release, addresses
  CVE-2022-40982, CVE-2022-41804, CVE-2023-23908 (#2229733):
  - Update of 06-55-04/0xb7 (SKX-D/SP/W/X H0/M0/M1/U0) microcode (in
    intel-06-55-04/intel-ucode/06-55-04) from revision 0x2006f05 up
    to 0x2007006;
[root@cm01 ansible]# rpm -q microcode_ctl --changelog | grep CVE-2022-40982
  CVE-2022-40982, CVE-2022-41804, CVE-2023-23908 (#2229733):

That link is for RHEL 8.6 EUS, not for 8.8. Rocky Linux 8.6 is no longer in support.