Gaming in Rocky

I ut and pasted, but "[root@localhost joe]# //skip ‘qt5-qtsvg-devel’ and use librsvg2 instead
bash: //skip: No such file or directory

That was a comment, not a command. It explains why there is “dnf install librsvg2-devel” and no “dnf install qt5-qtsvg-devel”.
Alas, bash does not see ‘//…’ as comment. ‘#…’ would be a comment.
(In languages like C++ the // starts a comment.)

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Ah yes, I should have made it more clear that it was a comment.

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Aisleriot now tested on Rocky 9
source code version has now moved to ‘3.22.25’
guile-2.0 has gone, guile-3.0.7, now in epel

dnf --enablerepo "epel" install guile30
dnf --enablerepo "epel" install guile30-devel

this is the main part that’s different to the steps above

Gnome-chess now tested on Rocky 9
previous version was 3.37.2, aligned with gnome 3.x
new version 40, aligned with gnome 40.4 (uses GTK4)
don’t try to use above ‘40’ for Rocky 9