Fails at Installing perl-FindBin

dnf -y install perl-FindBin.
No match for argument: perl-FindBin

it could be found for centos stream and others. but for Rocky Linux, it has no on Perl(findbin) Download (RPM) (

What do you get with:

dnf provides 'perl(FindBin)'

On my Rocky 8.5 system, it’s already installed as part of ‘perl-interpreter’.
e.g. man FindBin shows a man page.

perl -MFindBin -e 'use FindBin;print("Running from : $FindBin::Bin\n");'
Running from : /data/build

Indeed, and the ‘dnf provides’ reveals that too.

Rocky, like RHEL 8.5 has three “perl streams”: 5.24, 5.26, and 5.30. The first two were released with RHEL 8.0. The 5.30 stream was added by RHEL 8.3. See Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Application Streams Life Cycle - Red Hat Customer Portal
The 5.24 no longer has support. The 5.26 is the default stream.

RHEL 8.6 will (according to its beta release notes) add perl 5.32 stream. Apparently in 5.32 the perl(FindBin) will be in separate package and no longer in the perl-interpreter package like it is in earlier versions.

thnks a lot
i just want to check and confirm how to install perl-FindBin.
I have already install perl and the scripts and codes compute fine.