Error trying to create Rocky 9 vm in Azure

I’m getting this error when I try to create a vm in Azure using the latest Rocky 9 x86_64 image in the australiaeast region, which is odd because I am literally filtering it by the australiaeast region and selecting the image from the list of available images. I have tried selecting Rocky 8 and different non-Rocky community and marketplace images and it passes validation, but fails with this error when I select Rocky 9.

In region australiaeast, the following list of Shared Image Gallery images referenced from the deployment template were not found: /CommunityGalleries/rocky-dc1c6aa6-905b-4d9c-9577-63ccc28c482a/Images/Rocky-9-x86_64/Versions/latest. Please check that at least one image has been replicated to australiaeast or that the ‘exclude from latest’ flag is set to false. Please refer to for instructions on creating and deleting such images. (Code: InvalidParameter, Target: imageReference)

Image: rocky-dc1c6aa6-905b-4d9c-9577-63ccc28c482a/Rocky-9-x86_64/latest
VM architecture: x64

Standard D2as v5 (2 vcpus, 8 GiB memory)

FYI. I managed to get Rocky 9.3 installed using the official marketplace image.