Eltorito support for aarch64 boot isos?

Is there an x86_64 syslinux isolinux.bin equivalent for supporting eltorito boot install ISOs for aarch64? It’s in the standard and non-RHEL-derived bundles’ forums imply support for this but it doesn’t appear to be added [yet?] to RHEL derivative bundles.

Background: I’m standing up a Fujitsu ARM64FX (HPE) cluster with x86_64 infrastructure nodes and ARM computes. I’d prefer to uniformly apply the practice of repackaging the applicable boot/install ISO with an injected kickstart, mainly because hardware availability for a more traditional local-storage or pxe install is going to be rare and virtualization support --depending on your chosen flavor – is either not working, not supported, or not allowed in the parent enclave. (Yes I’m mainly thinking about decisions now establishing untenable management practices and procedures later. This is a preference, not a hard requirement, in a pinch I can always pxe the first compute with a dracut pre-pivot breakpoint on the stock aarch64 dvd1 ISO and manually console it from there.)

There are any number of examples online for doing this with ARM in general for non-RHEL-derived bundles. Most include eltorito support via the expected addition of a boot image binary and catalog; mkiso*, genisoimage, and many others all do essentially the same thing. There’s no syslinux packaged for aarch64 and the rest of the usual gubbins are there in the prepackaged boot/install ISOs just as you’d expect (/boot.catalog, /images/[pxeboot/]*img and vmlinuz, etc). So now I’m wondering if eltorito is actually a thing for aarch64 in the RHEL world…

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See this: 1897590 – Add syslinux-tftpboot to aarch64 product listings

RHEL have no plans to make a syslinux for aarch64, therefore it’s unlikely that it will appear in Rocky or any of the other derivatives. It would need someone to step up and take responsibility for it as well as maintain it which could take a lot of work.