Dropdown lists not working in Chrome/Firefox


Just installed Rocky, and I’m finding a site I regularly use has a dropdown list for showing versions of the software to select for download that isn’t working at all. It works as expected on Mac/Windows on both firefox/chrome, but zilch on Rocky.

I’ve had a looksee, and cannot find any posts along the same lines. Javascript is enabled as you’d expect in the browsers, no pop up blocking, I’m at a loss as to why Rocky is doing this and two other OS’s aren’t.

Any thoughts as to where to look for settings/anything missing to fix this?
All I get now is a placeholder gif and no menu.



And the site in question is…

It’s a rendering plugin site, I work in VFX and we all starting to dip the transitional toes into Rocky as a move from CentOS.


But you need to sign a free account to access the download, tis why I didn’t post it.
This is working on Mint btw, and as mentioned on Mac/Win both chrome/firefox/safari.
Not the end of the world, I’m just curious what Rocky setting/issue it could be considering it works on 3 other OS’s.

Try it with firefox with no/zero/absolutely none plugins and add-ons.

mv ~/.mozilla ~/mozilla-temp
do your thing

If it works (or doesn’t) you can restore your original firefox settings with

rm -r ~/.mozilla
mv ~/mozilla.temp ~/.mozilla

If it did work, you can start disabling stuff within firefox one at a time and the point where it starts working is the point where you have found the problem.