Downloading 9.2: White Flag of Surrender

OK I surrender: I’ve been trying to download RL 9.2, Went to the Download page where it says “Download Rocky”; Picked “Rocky 9”. Went to x86_64; Under ISOS picked DVD – NOTHING happened so… I went to Packages (?!?) picked “BaseOS” (which did work!!) => picked OS => isoLinux => Then arrived at some place I have never seen. Rather than see something xyz.iso I ended up at some strange place with ending other than XYZ.iso.

Where it should have been, was under ISOS=> DVD where I should have seen something like RL9_2.iso. but clicking on DVD gave me NOTHING!!!

I SURRENDER (waving White Flag) Tell me HOW do I download the 9.2.iso??

Worked for me. Clicking on DVD brought up a save dialog box with rocky-9…iso listed to be saved.
Do you block scripts from running in your browser?

I also get a save dialog for the iso here.

You can also check out a mirror if you are having issues for whatever reason

Mirror List
Example - Rackspace Rocky 9 Latest DVD ISO

“You can also check out a mirror if you are having issues for whatever reason”
" Mirror List
Example - Rackspace Rocky 9 Latest DVD ISO

Well I wish I had known that EARLY this morning. It is something like 8.8 GiB in size and it is still downloading!! Should be finished by tomorrow morning. Judging by the size I suspect I downloaded “the WHOLE THING!”

I discovered something else: If you download the DVD, etc., etc., etc., via FireFox, it starts downloading the DVD etc., in the background, and you never know it. I discovered that I had some 45 packages of 9.2 downloading when I checked /home/dcat/Downloads. I deleted those 45 downloads and started over. The other thing I discovered, thanks to my buddy, was that FireFox is not a great thing to download RL 9.2, however if you download the iso via Chrome, you can see it has started, the SIZE of the file to be downloaded, how much has been downloaded, and the TIME remaining.

For those who are thinking of venturing into the land of 9.2, try going to the mirrors (which I looked for but never found) but also do the download using CHROME

Under the FF Edit menu is Settings. Open that and then there are multiple items that you can review and set to your preference. One of those settings is for downloads, which you can set to automatic to the download folder or “Ask me where every time”.

Yeah, the dvd has everything you need in the iso. If you are looking for smaller ones you can view alternatives in the mirror

[Index of /rocky/9.2/isos/x86_64](list of ISO’s)

When I’m building a server I typically use minimal and then install everything manually. I’m not entirely sure what the difference is anymore but for minimal you’ll have to manually select and install a gui. Boot will allow you to Dow load the packages on demand from a repo instead of having them pre downloaded in in the dvd.

In Firefox you have a download status diagram which shows you how far it is. This is in same section where you can enter the URL. But as mentioned above. I wouldn’t download the whole iso. It is much more sensible to just download the network or similar installation iso, then during the installation you can select your nearest mirror, select what you want installed, & it downloads the software directly from the repos. This is usually faster unless you need the full iso because you want to install to many PC’s without blocking your internet connection.

Agreed. you can also use ventoy to bootstrap a minimal 9.x system, then
complete the hd install once the system as booted in xfce4. Cheers.