Downgrade Thunderbird

How do I downgrade to an older version of Thunderbird?

For my last update (yum update -y) I got Thunderbird 115 which has lots of problems.

If I try “yum downgrade thunderbird”, I get the error: Last metadata expiration check: 3:43:41 ago on Tue 14 Nov 2023 04:57:52 PM EST.
Package thunderbird of lowest version already installed, cannot downgrade it.
Dependencies resolve

I downloaded: but when I unzip and click the thunderbird icon, Thunderbird doesn’t pick up my Thunderbird profile. I saw some windows downgrade tutorial that said to delete compatibility.ini from profile but when I deleted compatibility.ini Thunderbird still doesn’t pick my profile.

I cross posted to thunderbird forum: downgrade thunderbird on linux | Thunderbird Support Forum | Mozilla Support

You can find our previous versions here.

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