Docker dnf install fails!

Hi, i’m trying to update rocky 9.4 and i’m getting errors from docker repo.

sudo dnf upgrade
Docker CE Stable - x86_64
Errors during downloading metadata for repository ‘docker-ce-stable’:

dnf repolist all |grep docker

docker-ce-nightly Docker CE Nightly - x86_64 disabled
docker-ce-nightly-debuginfo Docker CE Nightly - Debuginfo x86_64 disabled
docker-ce-nightly-source Docker CE Nightly - Sources disabled
docker-ce-stable Docker CE Stable - x86_64 enabled
docker-ce-stable-debuginfo Docker CE Stable - Debuginfo x86_64 disabled
docker-ce-stable-source Docker CE Stable - Sources disabled
docker-ce-test Docker CE Test - x86_64 disabled
docker-ce-test-debuginfo Docker CE Test - Debuginfo x86_64 disabled
docker-ce-test-source Docker CE Test - Sources disabled

It used to work … does anybody have a workaround?

port 443: Connection timed out] - This error is pretty precise in letting you know why but not so much as to how. This is how I address this:

  1. Verify in a browser first file is available
  2. If it is available in a local browser then check your firewall and verify you can get to these IP addresses:
  1. If it is not available there may be a temporary issue at

I checked here and can get to it without issue.

Thanks for your input & help

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