Dnf updates wsdd and fails

Just a heads-up for all of you:

I just did a dnf update which updated wsdd. After the update wsdd fails to start.

I tracked this down to the wsdd.service file changed the location of the EnvironmentFile from /etc/sysconfig/wsdd to /etc/default/wsdd. The latter file did not exist on my system. A simple “ln -s /etc/default/wsdd /etc/sysconfig/wsdd” fixed the issue.

Documented here for others who may see the problem and so it might get fixed.

P.S. dnf history wouldn’t let me revert wsdd - couldn’t find an rpm.

Hi, thanks for share it.
I suggest you to correct the wsdd symbolic link command, you should use :laughing::

ln -s /etc/sysconfig/wsdd /etc/default/wsdd

Anyway, thanks for the tip! :+1:

Thanks Very much for the tip, have been wondering why it did not start !

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