Disable Repo Refresh on Login

A little background:

Multi-user system.
Gnome desktop.
NoMachine access.

This is a mild annoyance, but when users log in or unlock their NoMachine session, they are met with a pop-up window asking for Authentication to update the system repositories. This also occurs with another system when a user logs in directly to the console (single-user desktop deployment). I suspect there is a setting somewhere to disable this. No user needs to do this, and as admin I will perform needed system updates via SSH session.

I’ve seen similar in other Linux deployments. For example, RHEL will give a notification, but it’s at the top of the screen and disappears after a few seconds. But with this deployment, it requires users to cancel to move on. Again, it’s more nuisance than problem. But if I can disable this it will make my users a lot happier.

If they log in to the multi-user Gnome system direct, without NoMachine, do they still get the notification?

Actually, I figured it out today with a little more research. It was in the PolicyKit configuration to disable it. There’s a specific sub-folder for NoMachine where I dropped the config script.

Since there are no direct console sessions, this is not an issue anywhere else.