Devtoolset for Rocky Linux

So we can use “Development Tools” from future e.g. Rocky 10.4 on Rocky 8.4 without upgrading the OS.

devtoolset: GNU Compiler Collection, GNU Debugger, and other development, debugging, and performance monitoring tools

“Rocky 10.4”?

What actual tools do you want to use? Rocky 8.4 has gcc-toolset-10 in AppStream.

how to get toolset on Rocky Linux 8.5. the newest version has come to devtoolset-11.2
many codes runs and compiles much faster with gcc-11 than with gcc 8

Do you want whole toolset or just what it takes to build programs? I do the latter and hence install just the “toolchain” metapackage.

What do you get with dnf list gcc-toolset-*-toolchain?

gcc-toolset-10-toolchain.x86_64      10.1-0.el8       appstream
gcc-toolset-11-toolchain.x86_64      11.0-1.el8       appstream
gcc-toolset-9-toolchain.x86_64       9.0-4.el8        appstream

To get the 11, I would sudo dnf install gcc-toolset-11-toolchain
The sudo dnf install gcc-toolset-11 would pull in more packages.

These toolsets continue the Software Collections style. You can see what “scl” you have installed with:
scl list-collections
and you can get a bash session, where bash finds GCC 11 with:
scl enable gcc-toolset-11 bash

Thks. just to build programs. I am a user of rockylinux OS for computing.