DDNS and windows clients

Is there a problem with DDNS and windows clients ?
I have setup a test lab with a DNS and DHCP server and activated DDNS . Everthing works fine for linux clients but not for windows clients (win 10 education version) .
Dhcp works for the windows client but there’s no DNS update .
There’s no info in the .jnl or lease file for the window stations .

I have set up DHCP and DNS with dnsmasq. Since that single process provides both services, the integration is seamless. Whenever the DHCP part grants a lease, the DNS part gets the name/address-pair. The DHCP-clients are not involved.

Name can go either way: DHCP gives name and address fro a client, or client proposes a name and server gives address. Alas, I’ve used only the first method.

AFAIK, Windows has a name that it keeps regardless of what DNS resolves its address to. (Linux can do that too.) I can call my machine “snafu” even though everybody else learn from DNS that it is “fubar”.