Cycle of updates?

What is the cycle of updates to say GIMP2.99 in the repository?

Is there a repository that has the most edgy of these that I’m missing?

For GIMP 2.99-16 the choices are flatpak or self build. The version is the repo is 2.99-12 and buggy.

In the case of Inkscape 1.3 the flatpak has annoying issues with the menus.

First, Rocky replicates RHEL and RHEL has backports:
Therefore, Rocky package version “2.99-12” may differ from upstream.

Granted, GIMP might not have many changes and be genuinely buggy in RHEL.
Rocky aims to reproduce all those bugs.
Red Hat wrote somewhere that GIMP is rebased to 3.0 soon after upstream releases it.

I think that I did take src.rpm of inkscape from Fedora and rebuilt it with mock. The resulting RPM(s) seem to install.

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In the case of GIMP there is a lot of bug fixes between 2.99.12 and 2.99.16

The specific bug is where you attempt to select text in x.12. It does this trick of deleting what is selected.

Couldn’t we have a community based repro where we manage these important programs?

I love it that I can ask a question here and get a few spot on answers and not 30 guesses from people that have no clue. That’s what professional is to me. So encouraging a growth in the user base… but if developing the user base did matter then taking a more proactive approach on publishing software would do it.

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