Creating Bridged network for KVM using nmcli loses Eth0

Hi there
Please can you help me.

we run these commands to add bridge networking to our Rocky 9.1 server

sudo nmcli conn add type bridge con-name br0 ifname br0
sudo nmcli conn add type ethernet slave-type bridge con-name bridge-br0 ifname eth0 master br0
udo nmcli conn up br0
sudo nmcli conn down eth0

Now when I try to brigng up eth0 :
sudo nmcli conn up eth0
sudo nmcli conn down br0

The eth0 device cant be found
Unfortunately I did not know how to backup my network before I started creating a bridge
Both my colleague and I lost our networks on the server and had to re-roll this a few times

  1. is there a way to backup and restore the networking?

  2. Is there a procedure that works for Rock 9.1 to create a KVM Bridge?

  3. We want the bridge for our VMs to have networking but we still need to ssh to the server
    which we cant do after adding a bridge br0.
    how can we do that?
    4 is these a working procedure we can use on Rocky 9.1 to have bridge and still be able to ssh to the server?

kind regards

That looks ok.

  • The physical interface (device eth0) has a connection named “bridge-br0” that acts as a port of the bridge “br0”. Ports do not have IP addresses
  • The host has connection “br0” that should have the IP address and whatnot that the host uses to communicate with other machines
  • There should not be any other connections for the device eth0

In other words, before the host had IPv4 config on connection “eth0”. After the config must be on the “br0”.

The tricky part is if your only way to change the config of the host is via network, i.e. with ssh session.

Thank you for the information
I will look at that

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