Crash recovery kernel arming (kdump Rocky9)

Hi guys ^^,
I’m glad to post here, because I’ve read this forum many times, and helped me a lot (I am slightly new to Rocky 9.3, but years in CentOS 8.4).
This is the error I want to discuss with you, I’ll try to explain it as best I can.
I have a DAQ by PCIe that I need to reboot the OS to turn it on so I use a “.service” to do it.
This is the error I see, never happens after a Reboot, has to be after a Power On, but not happened always.

I have read about it in 2 post:

However, I don’t fully understand and solve the problem. It seems the problem is related to Kdump and Rocky 9, on the first post somebody talks about “Docs”, Where are these docs?
I have disabled Kdump.service, but I saw the error again. Can solve it by directly avoiding Kdump on the OS installation?

Any advice and help is welcome :slight_smile: