Changed sysem name now mail doesn't work

I had a typo in the system’s name. I corrected by now mail no longer works. Do I need to make a change in one of the postfix config files?

You may need to check contents of /etc/mailname (although that might only be on Debian systems), or check the contents of /etc/postfix/ and fix the hostname there too maybe as well as fqdn.

You should have additional information in /var/log/maillog… see if that helps diagnose the problem. I’m assuming that this is sending email? or is it both sending and receiving on that machine?

Problem fixed. Never did anything including at setup. Postfix must have used the system name (the wrong name) when OS was installed. When I changed the name no more e-mails. So simply fix was to edit /etc/postfix/ and put in a line that said myhostname=whatichangedthenameto.


Glad you have it fixed.

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