Can't install the browser using .deb

I’m having trouble installing dpkg

sudo dpkg -i opera-stable.deb

It says

not found

and then I can’t install dpkg

yum install dpkg

Because Rocky is a RPM based distribution and therefore doesn’t use apt, aptitude, apt-get, or dpkg. You cannot install deb packages on RPM based distros. They would have to be converted first to rpm by using alien, for example. Or by finding the packages that exist for Rocky natively, which would be in RPM format. Opera should have rpm’s anyway, so not entirely sure why you are even attempting to install DEB in the first place.


The whole deal is in this


thing, and all that’s installed is just

dnf install perl

. So, what’s my move in a situation like this?

I think you’re going to need to back up and provide more background information about what it is you’re trying to accomplish.

Option 1. Go here and to find a relevant (.rpm) file for Rocky Linux (your version). (Hint: it’s in EPEL, a repo you might need to enable.)

Option 2. Build Dpkg::BuildProfiles from source on Rocky Linux.

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It looks like Opera publish RPMs – is there some reason you think we should be encouraging OP to attempt to install debs instead?

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It’s not possible to install debs. I already mentioned this. I believe @LnxGnome was replying to the missing perl library the guy was having. To be honest the OP’s posts are incoherent at best (and not the first thread where this has happened with their posts), so no idea what relation the perl problem has to Opera in the first place.

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