Can not create srpt entry with targetcli in Rocky 8.5

I have a Rocky 8.5 system with an Infiniband HCA and when I try to create a srpt entry with targetcli I get the error
/srpt> create 0xfe8000000000000008c0eb0300e36a72
Could not create SRPTFabricModule in configFS



Infiniband device ‘mlx5_0’ port 1 status:
default gid: fe80:0000:0000:0000:08c0:eb03:00e3:6a72
base lid: 0x12
sm lid: 0x11
state: 4: ACTIVE
phys state: 5: LinkUp
rate: 100 Gb/sec (4X EDR)
link_layer: InfiniBand

/srpt> cd srpt
No such path /srpt/srpt
/srpt> cd /srpt
/srpt> info
Fabric module name: srpt
ConfigFS path: /sys/kernel/config/target/srpt
Allowed WWN types: ib
Allowed WWNs list: ib.fe8000000000000008c0eb0300e36a72
Fabric module features: acls
Corresponding kernel module: ib_srpt
/srpt> create ib.fe8000000000000008c0eb0300e36a72
Could not create SRPTFabricModule in configFS

Any suggestion?

On CentOS 7.x9 the procedure works fine. I have seen that the RDMA configuration in RH/Roocky 8.4 onward is different from CentOS 7.9 but the ib_srpt kernel module seems is active

lsmod| grep srpt

ib_srpt 16384 0
mlx_compat 16384 12 rdma_cm,ib_ipoib,mlxdevm,ib_srpt,iw_cm,ib_umad,ib_core,rdma_ucm,ib_uverbs,mlx5_ib,ib_cm,mlx5_core


I understand now that on the node is installed OFED package MLNXOFEDv55103 and in the documentation
is reported
“This package, however, does not include an SRP Target.”
I will try on other “vanilla” Rocky system to see if it works and I will report.