Booting error after shut down

I sucessfully installed rocky 8.8 using USB as Window 10 dual boot.
I wasn’t able to use the latest Rocky version due to the compatablility of the program I used. (only supproted Rocky 8)

After the installation, I shut down the computer and was able to sucessly access the Window 10, but was unable to reboot the computer with Rocky.

After booting in Rocky,
ACP I Error: AE_NOT_FOUND, While resolving a named reference package elecment - PV1D (20220331/dspkginit-440)

[FirmwareBug]: TPM interrupt not working, polling instead

ucsi_acpi USBC000:00: PPM init failed (-110)

these error keep bothering me and the computer will not boot.

plz help me!

Im not really sure why this is happening, but in the absence of any other reply so far, I would be first trying to enable CSM mode in the bios to see if its a secureboot/TPM issue as the clue is in the error message.
if it does boot OK in CSM mode then that might provide an incite into the underlying reason for your issue.
regards peter

Thank you~~!!~!~!
I didn’t know it would be so easy.
I got my computer turned on!!!
Have a nice day!!!

OK so while Im happy that you are happy and you can continue using your system, what I suspect (guess) is that when you booted from USB stick you did not pick the option that started with UEFI: to boot from, instead you chose the legacy boot as we should probably call it, and as a result you wont have a /boot/efi partition.
Of course I could be wrong as im doing a lot of guessing here.
if you had of chosen the UEFI option, then you should be able to continue with secureboot enabled, and if its a linux without the microsoft keys simply chosen other rather than windows in the second option in the secure boot menu (all bios implementations differ so difficult to be exact about the labels attached to each item.) and for linux’s with microsoft keys , well ive not encountered that yet so ill ask someone whose seen that to comment.
regards peter

Im not really famaliar with linux and computers but Ill try checking out UEFI and others u said.
thank you for ur help!!