Boot to black screen with mouse pointer only


I was wiping some crud off the left bottom part to the keyboard and this B&W message appeared about lock something and some keys. So I rebooted.

Now I’m stuck with this dead screen.

I’ve hit escape during boot and there are no errors.

Is there a magic key to deal with this?

And it does it when I boot to a previous version install at the boot menu.

Failed to start Performance Metrics collector daemon, Performance Metrics Archive Logger

And repeat it seems.

Does this relate to the issue…

Try disabling Secure Book in BIOS to see if it bypasses that.

Very dubious about that solution but I’m up for trying anything. No, does not make a difference.

This is like Plymouth has been turned off.

I’ve got the F1-3 sussed.

The update to 9.3 was going on when it happened.

Excuse me using the mobile for this and posting screen photos.

I don’t think any of these errors indicate what the problem is.

I’m going to download 9.3 to a USB && as… I think of much else.

I’m sure it is a simple issue but not coomon enough to find a solution online.

Well if the update was happening when you rebooted the system, then chances are you have a mix of a 9.2 and 9.3 system. You’ll have to boot into rescue mode with network connection and chroot into the installation, to then attempt continuing the upgrade process. Then exit chroot and reboot.

You failed to mention in your initial post that you were upgrading at the time you forced a reboot.

It takes a while sometimes to think… we won’t mention my search for the Linux boot menu. “But the is at the start of every boot” unless you have a weird graphics cards set up where it is displayed on a different card.

I’ll have a read up on this before I try anything.