/boot/grub2 after install

In a kickstart installation, is there a way to get the install to populate the /boot/grub2 directory without specifying
“bootloader location=mbr”?

I realize that there are ways to create at least some of the content of /boot/grub2 after the install (e.g., in a %post script). I am hoping that there is a better solution.

RHEL 8 docs: Appendix B. Kickstart commands and options reference Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 | Red Hat Customer Portal
say that bootloader is required.

However, /root/anaconda-ks.cfg has no bootloader on CentOS Linux 8 systems that did not use kickstart (both EFI and legacy installs).

Looks like one of the --location=none, --nombr, or --disabled might be necessary to prevent installation.

If you want to create files before %post … is there any other option than to install RPM package that provides them?