Boost-Signal package missing in Rocky Linux

I need to install boost-signal package in rocky linux. But I cannot find boost-signal package in rocky linux repos. Please let me know if there is any other option to install this package or any other alternatives available for this package?

There is a boost-signals package:

at least for Rocky 8. You don’t mention if you mean Rocky 8 or 9?

If you require for Rocky 9, or that package is not exactly the one you require, then please provide a lot more information with links to what you exactly need.

Hi @iwalker

Thanks for your reply, I wanted boost-signals package for Rocky Linux 9.1. But later I found that the boost-signals package is deprecated now. And now the alternative for boost-signals package is boost-signals2 but that too does not have any library associated with it and boost-signals2 is supported via header files level only.

For my requirement, I had to link the boost-signals library earlier in centos. But now we are migrating to Rocky Linux 9.1 and we are in need of boost-signals2 package(if I am correct), do we still need to link with the boost-signals package or we can use the header files alone directly without any linking.

Can you please confirm ?

boost-signals2 is part of the basic boost ecosystem. And yes, it’s a header-only feature.
Therefore no separate package is required. So:
sudo dnf install boost-devel
and you should be good to go. This applies to both RL8 and RL9.

If you used the old boost-signals before, there is a migration guide.

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