Blue background desktop with no icon and no apps/windows working

When I login to gdm, I found that my desktop environment doesn’t work at all: no icons on the menu and toolbar. I also can’t open any apps, even Settings and Terminal.

I have re-installed GNOME and tried installing KDE: didn’t solve the issue.

I have tried searching this issue and found the same problem with Ubuntu desktop which have been solved by the command ‘dpkg --configure -a’

Fix Blue Screen , No icons , No folder opening in Linux ubuntu 20.04 LTS after login - YouTube

Before I met this issue, I tried installing .deb package of Cisco Packet Tracer using alien and this setup file by following the instructions I found on the internet.
packettracer-rpm-based/ at main · thiagoojack/packettracer-rpm-based · GitHub

I wonder if this issue happens because I touched xdg-desktop-menu,, gtk-update-icon-cache, mime.

Do you know how to solve this issue/recover my desktop to make it work again?

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