Ask CrowdStrike to Officially Support Rocky Linux

Fellow Rocky users –

If your institution is considering migrating from CentOS (or another EL variant) to Rocky, and you depend on CrowdStrike as part of your Information Security strategy, you should know that CrowdStrike does not officially support Rocky Linux, and has no current plans to do so on their roadmap.

Although the CrowdStrike sensor should theoretically run fine on Rocky (since it works on RHEL, CentOS, etc.), the present reluctance of CrowdStrike developers to support it officially may be a deterrent to some organisations who may be considering adopting Rocky Linux as December approaches.

If you are interested in seeing broader support for Rocky Linux and you are a current CrowdStrike customer, please consider giving it an upvote to encourage the CrowdStrike developers to support the best open source enterprise operating system available today! (You must have a CrowdStrike login to vote.)