Artifactory virtual repo bug with uppercase repodata filenames

Our organization uses Artifactory to proxy/cache repositories hosted on the internet (remote repos). For Rocky because old package versions are pruned, it is necessary to copy packages that have been cached to another local repositories.

Artifactory supports a concept called “virtual” repos which provide a layer of indirection on top of multiple repos. We set this up against the upstream remote/proxied repo and the local repo where we can save older versions of packages that we’ve used. It allows clients to hit one repo but get the superset of both.

This system works great for EPEL, CentOS, etc, but it seems we hit a bug due the uppercase file naming convention with Rocky repos: [RTFACT-27390] Artifactory fails to create virtual repository index when aggregated remote repository index files names are in upper case - JFrog JIRA.

Although I realize this is a bug with Artifactory itself, but because of how ubiquitous Artifactory is and how critical it is use such a system with Rocky linux (because of the removed packages) I’m hoping it may be possible to change the file naming convention to use lowercase.

For example, 1a0e4fce-ea91-4e05-93ee-b892c35a3eae-PRIMARY.xml.gz would be renamed to 1a0e4fce-ea91-4e05-93ee-b892c35a3eae-primary.xml.gz