Areca Slow Write Speeds

Hi all,

I’m getting some very slow write speeds on my Areca 1883 RAID 5 running 1.50.0X.11 in Rocky 8.6. Was curious anyone has any ideas? In windows it writes over 1 GB/s on a 12 drive RAID 5 in Rocky 8.6 I’m seeing about 50 Mb/s…I did tweak the mount options and it got me about 10 Mb/s, maybe there’s something more to that?

No one else replied, so I just wanted to comment that RAID 5 has really bad write performance, when doing a write operation, has to write to ALL 12 OF YOUR DISKS, see for example RAID Performance Considerations | Mirazon which compares the various RAID levels. Personally I always use RAID 10. I know this does not really help answer your question, and I have no insight into the Areca 1883, but since nobody else replied after 8 days, I just wanted to explain that write performance is precisely why I avoid RAID 5.

Hey there! I appreciate the reply…I seem to have figured it out…updated the mount arguments to the following

Took my NTFS Areca RAID 5 from about 30 MBs write to around 600 MBs write. Read speeds over 1 GBs. Also used on 2TB NVME and showed significant improvement…


I’ve been using a RAID 5 for a decade on an areca card and not had an issue.