Any way to get a CloudReady RL 9 image for OVH?

I saw the cloudready images on the download page, but you can’t actually download them. You can only deploy them on AWS. I tried in vain to modify the downloadable image and use it in OVH.

I uploaded the OpenStack image to the openstack platform and tried to deploy on public cloud, but the server never booted.

I’m unsure how I could make this work.

The OVH support team said last month they had no ETA for when it would be available, and I’m unsure of how long it usually takes for them to put new images available to customers.

Since I need to deploy a new server, I don’t see the point in using the latest from v8.

Any thoughts on how I can make this work would be greatly appreciated.



You need the Generic Cloud images found here: Index of /pub/rocky/9/images/x86_64/

There was a problem with the Rocky 9 image initially, the new one should work.

The image for 20220830 (August) would be best, the latest image is the same as the 20220830 one. These aren’t linked directly on the website right now, but should be updated soon. The site still links to the July image.

I’ve used the latest image on OpenStack without problems.

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I must have tried the non-working version then… :four_leaf_clover: Now I feel lucky and will try the image you recommended probably this weekend, so I’ll be able to play with this all day long :smiley:

I’ll report back during the weekend to confirm the results. Thank you very much! And I hope the website will link to the new images soon, so other users aren’t confused as much as I was, hehe.

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Heya! As Ian said that new image should work for you, please do report back and let us know.

We’re planning an announcement next week with info about the updated images

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I forgot to update :slight_smile: It’s working like a charm. Thank you very much!

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