Any better way to use Rocky Linux in Proxmox LXC container

I want to using Rocky Linux in proxmox under Linux Container (LXC).
Thus, I just migrated a Rocky container from a test CentOS 8 LXC container by the migrate2rocky tool.

Although there is no error message during the migration process, I am still a little worried about whether there are still some problems with this type of container. So, is there a better way to using Rocky Linux LXC Container in proxmox?


I just sign up for the same reason :slight_smile:
I hope Proxmox make an official CT template of RockyLinux ! On Proxmox VE 7, CentOS 7 is out , can’t start :frowning: And CentOS 8 … I don’t want to explain about it :smiley:

Thanks in advance

Main reason still usimg proxmox 6.x

I could give a try to export the tarball from the official docker container and i.port as template in proxmox though

You can import a image from here Index of /images/rockylinux/8 as a template. Just use cloud section like Index of /images/rockylinux/8/amd64/cloud/20210903_02:06
. The image name is rootfs.tar.xz


Ok thx I test it asap

So I tested the docker save way and now have a RockyLinux container running in Proxmox.

LXC tar.gz preparation steps:

mkdir ~/Downloads/rockyproxmox
cd ~/Downloads/rockyproxmox
docker pull rockylinux/rockylinux
docker save --output "rockytemp.tar" rockylinux/rockylinux 
tar -xvf rockytemp.tar.gz
find . -name '*.tar' | xargs gzip -c > rockylinux84.tar.gz

ls | grep -v rockylinux84.tar.gz | xargs rm -rf

# final file

bzanaj@localhost:~/Downloads/rockyproxmox$ ls

Upload the “rockylinux84.tar.gz” file in your CT Templates dir and your should be good to go to create new containers:

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Confirming that the method from @Manu works also as expeted

Used this image for testing:

Starting on September 29, 2021, the official RockyLinux CT-template from Proxmox company is already available.

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