Add AST2600 Aspeed Video DRM Driver to install image

I have some new servers that have Aspeed AST2600 with Display Port.
Does anyone know how I can inject the new Aspeed DRM Driver into the install DVD iso so I can do the install with display on a monitor?

Currently, I have to install Rocky Linux 9.1 on the html5 kvm and then once installed, I log in to install the Aspeed DRM Driver. When the installation DVD iso boots, initially there is video, but then the display goes out when it gets to the installation GUI.


If you have network access you can load the drivers from the network with the inst.dd property,
if that is not an option and more than one loaded ISO (or an USB stick as 2nd media) are possible you even have multiple options:

I hope this helps you a little bit :slight_smile:

Great! Thanks for the great advice! I’ll give it a try today!


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I had same issue here, is it possible to add ast2600 mini dp driver in next build of rocky linux?