Rocky 8 How to Incorporate Rwhod / Rwho?

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Release Dates - Red Hat Customer Portal writes:

Codename: Ootpa (is based on Fedora 28, upstream Linux kernel 4.18, systemd 239, and GNOME 3.28.)

Hence, the development for RHEL did not cherry-pick from Fedora 32, at least not initially.

There should be srpm for the package. The mock (from EPEL, and rpmbuild) can rebuild the binary rpm from the srpm. That way you get “built for Rocky 8” version that genuinely depends on Rocky 8’s libraries.

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@jlehtone thx for the correction :slight_smile:

Fedora 32 makes sense, so are you saying the whole thing is working the way you want it now?

Yes working perfectly. Now my next project to tackle respecting Rocky is getting NIS to work on Rocky9. Redhat excised it in RHEL9, I’ve been slowly compiling back in the missing pieces. At this point I have it working except for ssh authentication. It works for su, ls -l correctly identifies the owner of files when the owners are only in NIS, but ssh authentication still tells me “invalid user”.