Rocky 8.7 breaking change: cloud-init update changes default rocky user

We use Packer + Ansible to build and configure our Rocky Linux AMIs for AWS. Up until Rocky Linux 8.6 we used the rocky user for this process. This behaviour is now broken in Rocky Linux 8.7 (a point release).

As part of the build, we do a yum update. And that updates the cloud-init package from version 22.1-5.el8 to 22.1-5.el8.0.1. The difference is that it changes the cloud-init user as configured in /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg to cloud-user.

There is no mention of this breaking change in the release notes for 8.7:

The page says: “There are no known issues currently found in 8.7.”

The fact that it’s a simple package update on the 8.7 repo is crazy.


Sounds like it could well be related to this change by Red Hat: Rocky 9: cloud-init update changes default user? - #4 by nazunalika