More current ksh?

I recognize that we follow RH, but has anyone looked at the current community work on ksh? GitHub - ksh93/ksh: ksh 93u+m: KornShell lives! | Latest release: | Twitter:

As you know, shells generally don’t upgrade throughout the life of a major version. I’m sure Red Hat does pay attention to the other shells.

Shell EL8 EL9 Fedora ELN
ksh ksh-20120801-257.el8 ksh-1.0.0~beta.1-2.el9 ksh-1.0.4-1.eln123
bash bash-4.4.20-4.el8 bash-5.1.8-5.el9 bash-5.2.15-1.eln124
zsh zsh-5.5.1-10.el8 zsh-5.8-9.el9 zsh-5.9-3.eln124

Duly noted. FWIW the 1.0.0beta appears to be derived from the github project I asked about. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

It is a shame that David Korn’s group was disbanded. And it took so long for a new group to take it in hand.