Maldetect / LMD on Rocky

Everything I can find on installing LMD on RHEL/Fedora/CentOS/RL refers to downloading and installing from a plain http url. There is nothing at that (https) site about verifying the download (that I can see).

  1. Why do RH (and hence RL) not include LMD ?
  2. Is there an alternative to LMD that is included in the RL repos ?

I googled out of curiosity, and a tecmint article explains that it doesn’t exist in online repositories. It doesn’t exist in Debian 10/11 and neither does it exist in Ubuntu 18.04 or 20.04 either. If Red Hat doesn’t include it, then neither will Rocky since Rocky tracks RHEL.

Also from said google search, the version 1.6.4 was only released in 2019. Which is also probably one of the reasons it’s not included in any of the mentioned distros. Will it appear in the future? Who knows, maybe someone will package it, maybe not.

Yeah, tbh I hadn’t looked for it under non-RH based distros. The reason I find it curious is that it appears otherwise to be fairly mainstream/established - it’s been around a lot longer than since 2019 and is included in some organisations’ exam objectives .

In any case it looks like I may be able to achieve what I wanted with Lynis afterall.