Linux and Python

Hello, I am a student who wants to learn python and linux (16).
I am learning Python now, and I want to start linux.
I want to be a system administrator in Linux and I also want to learn things like ansible-docker. I would be glad if you could offer me a source.

To learn Linux as a general, please download a Linux Distro and install it into your hardware, or nowadays, there are lots of virtualization technologies that support you install a Linux on top of your Windows OS (Oracle VM, VMware, etc) without a need to format your existing OS. And then, try to change the settings of your Linux box at any degree. Change it, break it, reinstall it. First get used to it. Then, you’ll see that you want to know more and then use Google. This is always the first rule of thumb if you’d like to learn Linux. Install it, break it, and fix it. And the story goes…

For python, there are lots of sources on the internet. However, you need to know a bit about programming first. If not, you can watch Youtube videos and follow the instructions step by step until you get some deeper experience.

Halil teşekkür ederim. :smiley:

always ask google. next forum like this :wink: