Installation question


Thanks for the suggestion. I am having cataract surgery tomorrow (Thursday 7th) and will get back to this once my vision settles down


To all who have responded:

It is taking me longer to get back on track regarding dealing with my Rocky install owing to interesting changes after cataract. It is lovely to be able to drive and socialize without glasses. But reading and dealing with anything that requires “near distance” is a lost cause. Testing different solutions and hope to be able to do a new test based on new info given to me over the weekend

Thanks for bearing with,

Still difficult to see close up and trying to swap out “working Centos 7” to a “testbed Rocky 8” is just too difficult when one hand has to hold a magnifying glass. Doctor says vision is in flux for a month after the cataract surgery and that is when he’ll give me a new prescription.

In addition, two friends have been firing online articles at me about RAID has problems with parity bits getting out-of-sync and suggest I rethink RAID and instead just have a tight automated archiving and/or cloud storage. Another friend has opted in that the problem may not be the Rocky 8 installer but the gui access. He is suggesting just edit the kick-start file (/root/anaconda-ks.cfg) to do what I want. Way above my paygrade but I am looking into it given I have not been able to do via the gui unless “its a questionable workaround solution”.

Still interested in trying to do this but its going to be into May before I can see close-up with one hand lost to a magnifying glass. I do note that it is still very worth. This is second eye done and after @1.5 months of the first one vision was so much better though I still needed computer and reading glasses. Looks like I will only need reading once second eye settles out